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Karen Allgire January Workshop

Karen has just posted an article on her blog that she encourages you to read before the Saturday afternoon class. It is not long, and will give you an overview of the sutra that will be discussed and chanted in that class. Go to the post.

Full workshop $195

Friday, January 25,
6:00-8:30 pm, $55 

Knees at Ease in Every Pose

Learn to correctly and fully straighten the knees, and then to comfortably and fully bend the knees. In both knee extension and knee flexion, various props and adapted postures may be used to create space and reduce strain while the knees are retrained for optimal alignment, stability and mobility.

Saturday, January 26
9:00-11:30 am, $55

Moving into Small Forms

Experience space and freedom within small shapes. This class will explore poses that deeply fold and curve the body, using basic postures to lead toward more intricate twists, forward extensions and arm balances.

Saturday, January 26
1:00-3:30 pm, $55

The Journey Inward

The path of yoga guides us to turn inward to experience freedom in the body, fullness in the breath and quietude in the mind. This class will explore the theme of sense withdrawal (pratyahara) through forward extensions, restorative asanas and pranayama.

Sunday, January 27
9:00-11:30 am, $55

Supported Backbends

Support can make backbends more doable while also providing a teaching tool to create correct alignment and action. Enjoy a vigorous but approachable back arching class using the support of belts, bolsters, chairs, ropes and the wall.



Karen Allgire, MFA, RYT, CIYT, is an Intermediate Junior III Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. She has been teaching yoga since 1998 and has made four trips to India to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. 

Karen’s teaching and practice have been profoundly influenced by Mary Dunn, and she continues to study with Dean and Rebecca Lerner and other senior Iyengar teachers including Laurie Blakeney and Manouso Manos. Karen is a Certified Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer under the tutelage of senior Iyengar teacher Elise Miller. Study of Sanskrit and chanting with Leslie Freyberg have been a special area of engagement and enjoyment.

Karen specializes in blending anatomy, imagery and philosophy to nurture transformation in our yogic practices and our lives. 

Urdhva Danurasana

Urdhva Danurasana

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