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Rose Rousseau, whose early training was in dance, completed a teacher-training program in 2000, and has taught at YCL and elsewhere since 2002. A student of Iyengar Yoga since 1998, she credits her teachers, especially Margaret Carr and Rafael Duran, with inspiring her. She strives to make yoga accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds, knowing it will enrich their daily lives.

Kalen Richardson has been practicing yoga in various forms since 2010, and taught Vinyasa yoga for two years in Lawrence. From 2013–2015 she studied at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO and found the Iyengar method most complimentary to her Rolfing practice. Graduating from Rolfing school, beginning a private practice here in Lawrence, and closer to 30, her relationship to yoga continues to change. She is now more than ever in search of a deep understanding of anatomy; of the mental health benefits of yoga; of ways toward longevity in the practice; and ways in which the specificity and use of props can rehab injuries and pain. She is so grateful for the guidance of the Yoga Center and believes deeply in the power of a dedicated yoga practice.  

Yoga Basics Series - New!

Diane's eight-week Yoga Basics series is ongoing on Tuesdays, 4:30-5:45, through July 24.

We've added another series, this time for five weeks, taught by Kalen on Fridays, 4:00-5:15, June 29-July 27.

Students may make up classes in either Yoga Basics time slot. Current Yoga Center students may drop in on a per-class basis.

The series is designed for the student who is new to yoga or who is new to Iyengar yoga or who would like to revisit the building blocks of yoga.

Over the course of each session we explore the various types of poses—standing poses, seated poses, extensions, twists, and inversions. The classes are progressive, building on knowledge from one week to the next.

New students must enroll for the full session.  Enroll now!