Our teachers bring a wealth of experience to our classes, as well as a commitment to furthering their education through study with the Iyengars or with senior-level Iyengar instructors in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to the advanced study of asanas and pranayamas, their training includes teaching methods, anatomy, and philosophy. The  Iyengar Yoga certification mark,  a sign of excellence, clarity, and depth of understanding, indicates that the teacher is a certified Iyengar instructor. 


Anne Underwood is the owner/administrator of the Yoga Center of Lawrence.  She is certified as an Iyengar instructor through the Iyengar Yoga National Association of the U.S. She began practicing yoga in 1981 and attends several senior-level Iyengar workshops each year. Anne has worked as a massage therapist since 1988. She credits her interest in bodywork to her yoga, and often uses her yoga training with her massage clients. 


Sally Birmingham began practicing yoga over 10 years ago in Lawrence, KS and later received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Austin, TX in 2014 (registered through Yoga Alliance).  While practicing with various yoga instructors, she has been influenced by both alignment-based and flow-based styles of yoga.  She is passionate about helping others to develop a good relationship with the self through positive self-talk and self-image and aims for inclusivity of all body types, ages, levels, and those with injuries in her classes.  Practice of herbalism, nutrition, and farming/gardening have also deeply informed her understanding of the mind-body connection and the interconnectedness of all life forms.


Diane Church has been stuck in her head for most of her life. The perennial student, she focused more on reading about something than doing it. Her life turned a corner over ten years ago when she started feeling old and decided to try yoga. There was a connection there that fascinated her. She always thought the mind controlled the body, but it turned out to be a two way street: Your mind influences your body and your body influences your mind. She practiced more yoga, went to workshops, her body started to change, and she felt younger. She decided to explore this connection more, and to teach others in order to learn from them. She wants students in her class to leave the mat feeling great. Yoga has helped her create space both inside and outside of her body AND her mind.


Lisa Giroux is certified as an Iyengar instructor through the Iyengar National Association of the United States. She is a non-practicing R.N. who has been studying and practicing yoga in the Iyengar tradition since 1995. She has studied at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, India, for a month in 2011 and for two months in 2013. In 2016, Lisa attended the annual Iyengar Yoga Convention, studying under Abhijata Iyengar, the granddaughter of BKS. She credits her mentor, Margaret Carr, for truly starting her on this journey, and her senior teachers, Mary Obendorfer and Ed Marks, with whom she studies regularly. 


Lisa also recently received certification from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


Mary Howe began practicing yoga in 2000. She teaches pranayama and restorative yoga. She also manages Yoga Practice Month (YoMo) for the Yoga Center, with the intention of helping students develop and maintain a strong home practice. Mary is also our website administrator.

Jill Krebs is the co-founder (with Margaret Carr) of the Yoga Center of Lawrence. She was director of the studio from 1999 to 2016. Jill has studied Iyengar yoga since 1990 and taught for six years. She studies with senior-level teachers at every opportunity.


Jack Krebs is the studio business and technical advisor.


Kim Lacy is certified as an Iyengar instructor through the Iyengar National Association of the United States. She has studied with the Iyengars in India and with many senior teachers since 1986. Kim is deeply grateful for the gift of yoga and wishes to share it with her students. 


Susan Rieger (RYT 200) has over 35 years of practicing yoga, as well as studying anatomy and movement in her career as a dancer.  She has a long-standing interest in connecting mind, body and spirit.  She is especially interested in the healing power of yoga, whether it helps with arthritis pain, allows for a full night's sleep or awakens the sense of the divine in daily life.  Susan has been teaching yoga for five years.  In addition to her classes at The Yoga Center, Susan teaches at Westside Yoga, Turning Point (for adults with a serious or chronic illness), and Children's Mercy Hospital.